TACs have the capacity, capability, and competence to assist you with your innovation or business challenge through the Interactive Visits Initiative!

The Interactive Visit Initiative (iVisit) taps into the innovative capacity and capabilities of the network of Canada’s 60 Technology Access Centres, including over 2,000 business innovation experts and almost 4 million square feet of dedicated applied research space.

Whether you’ve been referred by NRC IRAP, one of our 60 TACs, or our Jumpball program, give us five minutes of your time to make the request, and we'll get you on the pathway to assistance.

Canada’s TACs are specialized applied research and development centres affiliated with publicly-funded colleges and cégeps. These demand-driven centres, from across Canada, help innovative small Canadian businesses get more innovative and productive by:

  • conducting applied research and development projects focused on company problems;
  • offering specialized technical services and objective advice; and
  • providing training related to new types of technology, equipment and processes.

Simply fill in the request form that applies to you with as much detail as you’re willing to share. The TACs will review it and Tech-Access Canada will promptly provide you with information about the next steps in solving your challenge.

Ready to get started? Fill out the following three questions to see if you're eligible to request an Interactive Visit.

    What are the pathways to an Interactive Visit?

    There are three main pathways to participate: NRC IRAP clients can be referred to the program by their Industrial Technology Advisor or Client Engagement Advisor; companies can be referred to the program by a TAC; and companies that are not working with a TAC can apply through Tech-Access Canada’s Jumpball program.

    • What is NRC IRAP?

      NRC IRAP clients can be referred by their Industrial Technology Advisor or Client Engagement Advisor.

      Please visit https://nrc.canada.ca/en/support-technology-innovation or call 1-877-994-4727 to learn more about NRC IRAP.

    • What is a TAC?

      A Technology Access Centre (TAC) is a nationally recognized applied R&D centre operating exclusively at colleges and cégeps.

      If you’ve spoken with a research centre at a college or cégep, and they’ve directed you here, you’re in the right place. Just let us know which TAC you’ve been speaking with.

    • What is JumpBall?

      If your company is not currently part of the NRC IRAP program, or if you’ve not had an initial discussion with a college-based TAC, please visit the JumpBall program first and we’ll get you connected.

      Our simple online form asks some questions about your company, you’ll explain your innovation challenge, and we’ll find a TAC that is ready, willing, and able to assist you. From there, you can connect with the TAC to discuss further and request an Interactive Visit.